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AT18010-1 1М (3ft) ATLONA VGA видео высокого разрешения

Производитель: Atlona (США)

Atlona's VGA ( male to male ) high-resolution video cable is a perfect solution for those who want to get the best possible picture quality out any VGA equipment. Cable is capable of transmitting either Computer or HDTV resolutions ( up to WUXGA or 1080p ).

Atlona VGA cable was designed to transmit the best picture possible in comparison to other cables. Manufacturing process employs industrial quality components that are rated by UL under the CL2 standard for in-wall installations. Made of High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), the conductor has a very high conductivity, low signal loss and degradation and low electric resistance. All of these result in great signal transmission. Superior High-Density triple shielding technology will reject EM and RF interference, while gold plated connectors will ensure a tight grip. Cable is CL2 Rated for professional in-wall applications.

Interconnecting a computer, computer monitor, HDTV, Cable, SAT receivers or any other equipment that supports 15-pin VGA connection. Connection can also be called: SVGA, S-VGA, HD-15, DB-15

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Модель Описание Цена, USD
AT18010-1 VGA видео высокого разрешения 1 м. уточняйте
AT18010-2 VGA видео высокого разрешения 2 м. уточняйте
AT18010-4 VGA видео высокого разрешения 4 м. уточняйте
AT18010-7 VGA видео высокого разрешения 7 м. уточняйте
AT18010L-10 VGA видео высокого разрешения 10 м. уточняйте
AT18010L-15 VGA видео высокого разрешения 15 м. уточняйте
AT18010L-23 VGA видео высокого разрешения 23 м. уточняйте
AT18010L-30 VGA видео высокого разрешения 30 м. уточняйте

1M ( 3FT ) VGA ( male to male ) cable
HDTV Compatible ( max resolution 1080p )
PC or MAC Compatible ( max resolution WUXGA 1920x1200)
24k Gold Plated RGB ( VGA ) connectors
High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper conductor
Very Flexible design
High-density triple shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI
1.950mm insulation made of polymers of vinyl/chloride (PVC).
10mm PVC jacket CL2 rated ( covered with nylon sleeve )
UL ( CL2 ) and RoHs