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Спутниковые GPS-приемники

484 MSF & DCF radio time code receivers

Модель Описание Цена, USD
484.02 & 484.03 The 484.02 (MSF) and 484.03 (DCF) receivers are high performance units with dual crystal filters and dual ferrite antennas to provide omni-directional capability. The units are housed in robust IP65 rated cases suitable for protected external mounting. цену уточняйте
484.06 & 484.07 The 484.06 (MSF) and 484.07 (DCF) receivers are low cost units with unidirectional antenna, fitted with a rotating mounting bracket for alignment and intended for internal use. Please note that the 484.06 and 484.07 receivers may not be suitable for use i цену уточняйте

488HS GPS satellite time synchronisation for master clocks, clock systems and individual digital clocks

Модель Описание Цена, USD
488 Блок синхронизации времени по сигналам спутников GPS для часов серий 420, 490. цену уточняйте
488HS2 GPS Блок синхронизации времени по сигналам спутников GPS для 4850 цену уточняйте