Видео-генератор HD-SDI поддержка разрешения 2K

Производитель: Gefen Inc. (США)

Enables Video Professionals to Calibrate and Test Video Equipment

The HD-SDI Generator offers a long list of advanced features. It provides still and moving test patterns in SD and HD formats. the HD-SDI Generator outputs audio tone, time code and closed caption characters. It even features dual-link 2k resolution video output. the HD-SDI Generator is portable. It can fit on the palm of your hand! the HD-SDI Generator provides four buttons to operate the menu on its LCD screen . This cost-effective tool will allow video professionals to calibrate and test video equipment and displays.

SDI (serial digital interface), used primarily in broadcasting, converts and transmits digital video through SDI connectors. It enables video sources to process high definition, high quality video.

How It Works
Connect up to two HD-SDI devices to the two BNC connectors labeled HD-SDI A and HD-SDI B. Connect 5V external power and you're ready to start sending test patterns.

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Package Includes:
HD-SDI Generator
5V Power Supply
User's Manual

Multi-format output for HD and SD video
Still and moving test patterns
Outputs Audio tone, time code and closed captioned characters
Dual Link 2k Video Output
Portable size